Monday 10 October 2016

Harry Potter Birthday 2

Did you enjoy the first post?? I'm sure you did!! Not as much as we enjoyed the party!!

Don't miss the Grand stair case... I can bet you it was moving too... *grins*

This was the toilet... oh and we had a pic of Moaning Myrtle as well... Forget to get a pic.. 

Outside we recreated the Forbidden Forest - hopefully a magical forest .. Using large branches of trees at the edges of the garden.

Here is a warning letter to kids.. 

Hagrid coming to meet the new students.. 

Oh... once the kids settled in... we had a sorting ceremony.

This was a handmade sorting hat.. made with two party caps (one a standard cowboy one for the base, and a cone shaped one for the top, plus some newspaper, glue & colours). The sorting hat had a mobile phone in the corner.. and kids were amazed.. that it actually said something!!

At the end of the ceremony, all the kids got black tee shirts with the house ties printed on them.. 

Introducing Professor Sybill Trelawney - who did most of the party DIYs *smiles*

Who was accompanied by Nyphadora Tonks

Once the kids were settled they had some pumpkin juice & goodies..

We then had Potter make an appearance with the cake

This cake was beautifully crafted by Moonface Cakes & Cupcakes Dubai

Divination — a subject that requires an inherent skill or inclination that not everyone may possess. Here is Professor Sybil Trelawney, making a prophecy, through her tea leaves and crystal ball.

It was fabulous to see everyone dressed up... 
We also had Severus Snape & Lord Voldemort

We played Quidditch ... I dont have any good pictures of that sadly... coz we lost the light.. 

The kids had a fantastic time with this frame... 

Finally the Grand dining hall... 

The candles were hanging off the ceiling.. and the kids were absolutely thrilled...  to see the flying / floating candles.. 

Everyone was served homemade Butter Beer 

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  1. Oh wow!!! You went all out -- what a memorable and fantastic party !!!!


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