Saturday 21 February 2009

Rebecca's Home (Part II)

Once again… featuring Rebecca’s holiday home in Cyprus. Being a home in Cyrpus, which is the third largest Mediterranean island, I think her home is highly influenced by Mediterranean style.

Homes decorated in this style (I’m no style guru, this is the little knowledge I have on this subject matter) are inspired by the elements of nature and the décor is very earthly.

In her living space, I love the influence of red. In the eyes of Feng Shui the influence of colour is an important aspect. In China, decorating with the colour red brings good luck and is the colour of fortune. So here is wishing Rebecca good luck always!!

Note the area rug ties together the living area. Look at the lovely bed rooms. Once again maintaining the simple, yet elegant décor.
If Rebecca's holiday home is so beautiful, can you imagine what her home must look like?? Thank you for sharing your home with us.


  1. I love all the red bits of her house, it adds a lovely dash of colour.

  2. very neat look and the black color in the white background seems to be defining the objects in an empty space...the only color that appears is red, which is striking out...


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