Friday 13 February 2009

The Redness.... oooh!

So what is all this fuss about Valentines day?? Why do you really need a day to celebrate love!! I have the answer (or atleast my answer!!)… At home, we have an eight seater dinning table, and on a normal day my husband & I have dinner for four, six, eight… and some days even more than eight!! And that’s why the two of us need A DAY to STOP, appreciate each other and have a dinner for two!!
Welcome to my home… which is all set for a fabulous dinner – All I did is converted my coffee table, coz it seats only two. I used cushions as seating… (I love low seating!!).
A bottle of red wine – yes RED wine!!!
And just two glasses..
I just love candles… they can change the mood & ambiance instantly.
Write to me – let me know what’s special in your home –


  1. Hi Patricia,
    Thanks for dropping by at my blog ...always great fun to discover design aficionado's ... will be good fun to inspire and be inspired.
    Thanks again.

  2. Awww that's so sweet Patti!! Hope you guys have a great time! Your house looks lovely! :)

  3. Yes absolutely right Rajee.. Thanks !

    oh. Thank you Rami...

  4. That is so lovely!

    What a beautiful mood you have created with candles and low seating!

    Thanks for sharing:-)


  5. It's beautiful!

  6. Thank you Arch & Aditi for the lovely comments! Keeps me inspired! Thanks

  7. Loved this post!
    i too love the swing, the low seating, candles...
    ah haaa!!! :)

  8. hi patricia,

    ur home is lovely!!!!!!!!its just the right ambience one craves for after a tiring day at work!



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