Friday 6 February 2009


While its February and we are still on the topic of love... I'd like to blog a few items that showcase love in my home. I've actually shortlisted the top three.. And the entrance of my home is this two-seater bench. A tiny mark on my wall, became a weekend project that turned into this lovely orange wall!! I would love to take the credit for painting it myself... but I did such an awful job that my brother Arafat had to do the amazing correction!! This is my favourite wall and I love experimenting with it... every now and then! Here are the two hearts – On the way to our bedroom (in the passage way) is the paintings of Radha-Krishna (my version of them!).Perhaps no other faith glorifies love like in India. Indeed its hard to miss the many legends and paintings that illustrates Krishna’s undying love for Radha. It is the most memorable of all times. In my bedroom is this lovely work of art, by an artist unknown. It’s called ‘the music of love’! This was a christmas gift from my brother Sunil. Can you see the guitar?? Waiting to be decorated is my center table. As I love changing the dekor on it every now and then. Awaiting Valentines day are these lovely flowers and candles. Some more posts on Valentines day to follow! Do let me know what you think !

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  1. You are doing such a gr8 job.....and yes!! cutsie cupcakes and their pretty frostings are my favourite too.


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