Saturday 17 December 2011

Vienna - Music & Art

I instantly fell in love with – Wien (Vienna)!! This is the most beautiful city in the world. Indeed rich in culture, heritage and rightly called the cultural capital of Europe. Vienna is a unique blend of the historic and the modern. Vienna has a wealth of architecture. The arches, alleys, doors and window are phenomenal. The citys life line is a mixture of music and art. Both Beethoven & Mozart have lived and performed here. What I loved the most about Vienna is its walkways & alleys, each building rich in architecture. The streets were filled with cafes and most of all.... people relaxing and enjoying themselves in these little road side cafes.
The city is well connected with trains from the airport to the city and internally. Like any other European city, the public transport sytem is comemdable. We stayed at the Hilton, Vienna which is right opposite the main garden. On the first day, we walked around Vienna and this is what we saw.
We also got on to the hop on and hop off bus to see the city as best as we could as time was a constraint. The main attractions in Vienna being – State Opera, The Albertina, The Heros square – Mozart Memorial, City Hall, The Roman Ruins and most importantly the St. Stephans Cathedral. There is lots more to see, however these are just a few I could remember.
The City park on its own is where you can spend more than an entire day… just people watching, bird watching and enjoying the music and art in the heart of Vienna. And yes.. don’t forget to have an ice-cream.
Walk around the city... and enjoy its cafes. The people are warm and welcoming... I believe that everyone in Vienna is either a musician or an artist of some sort. If you live in Vienna, you've got to be rich in culture and heritage - you've got to be an artist.
I hope to come back to this lovely city someday.. and spend a few years of my life in music. *sigh*


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