Saturday 3 December 2011

St. Peter's Salzburg

Following from my last post, I just love this cemetery. Here are some more images - Hope you like it ... as much as I did!! St. Peter’s Cemetery is enclosed by large and elegant wrought iron fence. The graves are primarily of the old wealthy families of Salzburg. My of the aristocratic families of Salzburg lie buried here along with a few notable figures as well. Most of the cemetery is obviously graves… more graves and a few chapels. The graves are lovingly attended to by Salzburg families and are decorated with flowers, candles, fir branches and also angels. I was told by an old lady that Pansies were the most common here coz their name means ‘thoughts’. Look… here indeed are a lot of memories and thoughts.
Have you been to Vienna??


  1. I love the past pic Pats - it's pretty!
    It's amazing that a graveyard was so beautiful...fitting for all the memories it must hold for so many. Really nice pics!

  2. I like them too...all always different and special in their own way. Very beautiful phtos! And place:)

  3. Hi Patricia,
    This is looking absolutely delightful. The blog is very nicely made and presented... Have a great day !

  4. Great photos of a wonderful place.Nice shot, well done.Meanwhile
    Plz do pass by my blog on freeing your mind, follow and comment to improve my works too.Thanks.

  5. Thanks for sharing these photos. I love cemeteries; they are so beautiful and peaceful.

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