Wednesday 14 December 2011

A perfect Christmas tree ~ Home Centre

Home Centre brings Christmas cheer with an extensive collection of interiors and home-ware, as well as festive decor and attractive gift options.

Talking to Colours Dekor today, is Ann Hayward, Senior Visual Merchandising Manager of Home Centre

1.            What makes a great Christmas tree?

A well decorated tree should essentially have a good set of lights, symmetrically aligned selection of gorgeous baubles and an eye-catching tree topper.  Avoid hanging all your ornaments on the tips of the branches. Ensure that there are decorations placed closer to the trunk of your tree to add depth and interest.

Also important, is for the tree to be of a reasonably good size and height with relation to the space that your house offers. One needs to ensure that there is ample room for all the tree’s four sides when put up for display at home. Home Centre stocks trees of various sizes to suit every home as part of its extensive Christmas collection and even offers half trees for innovative space solutions.

Choosing the right ‘Christmas tree topper’ shaped as angels and stars, which many a times is the highlight of the tree, is a very important decision to make. Traditionally, these invaluable trinkets are passed on from generation to generation as a family heirloom. If you do not have any, make sure you buy one from your nearest Home Centre outlet.

Beautifully packaged Christmas presents, under the tree, add that finishing touch to enhance the decorating scheme!

2. What are some of the best colour schemes when decorating a tree?

Classic colours, such as greens, reds and gold, tend to stay popular all year long. For a modern/contemporary home, it would be best to use a colour palette featuring silver and white with accents of red to give a fresh but fun look for Christmas.

But as a rule of thumb, when decorating the Christmas tree, choose any one colour and combine it with a neutral and a metallic. You can introduce the warm and joyous ambience of Christmas into your home with the most stylish, yet traditional colours in decor items available at Home Centre.

3. What are some popular ornaments that go onto a Christmas tree?

Glass ornamental baubles add a sense of sophistication to the tree, which are available in several festive designs and colours at Home Centre. Choose a theme for the tree decorations to coordinate with the room's decor. For instance, if you intend to place the tree in the kitchen, decorating it with small pots, pans and even herbs tied with red ribbons could add a festive touch to the space.

To introduce some fun for children into the tradition of decorating Christmas trees; candies, popcorn or even small soft toys can be put up on the tree - tied with colourful ribbons.

Another interesting idea for families with kids is to have fun cooking sessions to create Christmas special cookies decorations; in snowman, star and pine tree shapes. Once baked, these can be hung from the tree with name tags for each family member’s share of the goodies.

4. How can one decorate a small tree well?

For a small tree, it is best not to over dress it. Try to stick to a three colour palette with two main colours and one accent colour.

Subtly use tree lights around tree and use a festive looking tree skirt around the bottom of the tree to hide the tree stand. It would be ideal if you could put the tree in a large pot, painted and filled with baubles in colours to compliment the tree’s decorations. This would surely add a unique twist to the festive set-up.

Hope you've enjoyed these fabulous tips... Now hop on to Home Centre for some stunning decor.. 


  1. What a lovely post Patty! Have always been a fan of Home Centre and this time that snowman cookie jar is coming home, sooner or later. :-) Harshi

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  12. ahhhhh.... you've got me all excited for christmas Patricia :) will send you images of my tree as soon as its up!!!!


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