Monday 1 June 2009

Coffee shop @ the arts centre

Happy June to all~!!

June is like a happy month… announces the fact that its officially summer and the thought of June has happy pastel, bright and airy colours in my mind.

Adele, Rose & I spend our Sunday evenings (after work!) at the Dubai International Arts Centre. Well!! currently, we are learning to use our cameras better… so hopefully you will see some better pictures.

Anyway… we love going to DIAC, one of the main reasons is their coffee shop… the colours truly inspire me!!!

Here is the entrance… welcome in..

At first glace…. Now do you know why I love this place… Yes!! The orange walls… The sculpture and paintings here keep changing… they are made by students of the centre.
Some simple yet beautiful décor…
And finally what I love the most…. my cup of coffee…
By the time we finish class its 9pm… this is how the place looks. Did you like it?? Let me know!!
This is where we spend our Sundays.... what do you do??


  1. Very beautiful place with nice decor and striking colors. Nice snaps.

  2. very warm place... perfect to spend quality time!

    lovely images!

  3. What a pretty place! My favourite coffee place is shutting down :( and I'm so sad!

  4. Good snaps....The first shot was really grt...lovd it..

  5. Looks like a fun place! Patricia, feel free to send in your cosy spot pictures. Would love to see what you send in!

  6. Am sure u r having loads of fun!!

  7. Seems like a happy place! Love the color of the walls! I spend most sundays on our boat this time of the year. Summer came two days ago, and the Swedes go outdoors as much as they can.

  8. It looks like a wonderful place! I'm making a note of it and will visit when I get back.

    Have you gone to the Dutac at Moe...there's a nice library, a cafe and lots of classes, workshops and performances.

  9. Wow. that sounds like a sunday well spent :)
    Nice pictures and thanks for sharing !

  10. I just love that orange colored wall too! Hmm I´m starting thinking about where I could paint a orange wall...

  11. What an interesting place! I love that last photo... it looks so inviting!

  12. Hi Patricia,
    Thanks so much for letting me know about my feed. I wonder why it wont appear on feed readers.

    If you are using a reader or blogger dashboard, you may want to plug in because that should definately work.

    Also, was the popcorn machine operational? I love old school popcorn machines!

  13. pretty place patricia!!!!!!!I love those corner lights...infact had planned for my bedroom...but never knew how they would look....thanks to ur photo...i know they will look gorgeous!!!!


  14. Lovely colors, love the orange walls. We had an orange wall too, got tired of it and changed it to neutrals this year. - Rekha

  15. That should be the way of spending a Sunday. I spent my Sunday between baby and my husband and whenever I have the and reading decor magazines.

  16. lovely place,patricia.think i need to come to dubai


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