Tuesday 9 June 2009

Natural Ambience

Architect Anil Nagrath’s flat is eco-friendly with cane and carved wood furniture, folk and traditional art and earthen vases.
An interesting mix of cane and carved furniture in the living room. Can you see the textured walls??
Space saving around the dining table with cane backed chairs.
Shades of green adorn the bedroom.
The stone wall is the back of the master bedroom wardrobe. Isn’t that interesting!!
The Nagraths have made their home unique by adding such great personal touches!!
All images from the issue of New Woman Aug 1997.


  1. I really loved the green bedroom... thats my kind....

  2. I like what he did in the last picture behinde the bed.

  3. Loved each room...the living,the dining,the bedrooms!!!Perfectly proportionate for apartment areas.

  4. Loved the earthy tones - nothing like a warm palette for a home!


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