Thursday 9 December 2010

Xmas Cards - Mosaic and Embellishments

HO-HO-HO !! Festivity's in the air!!
Thanks Patty, for announcing the Xmas theme this month :) You have inspired me to kick off with designing some Xmas cards for my son's teachers!!
I've always been making cards as a child, but never the elaborate ones. I always made them out of plain regular paper and the drawings were really basic. When we were kids, my sister the clever talented artist would very willingly lend her art to our cards, I wouldn't even bother!
This festive season, I have made forays into mosaic and simple embellishments; using them on these Xmas cards in my own little way. I'm showcasing only two here, whereas I have made more; with similar themes.
I have stuck to my eco-friendly mantra of course !! The cardboard for these cards have been recycled from my cereal cartons saved for such purposes. This is a great tip for those of you who want to start making treasures out of junk; start collecting stuff that you can reuse...boxes, extra paper, colourful magazines etc. You never know what you will need and when :D
I began with cutting out the cardboard off the cereal boxes, and then covered the printed part of it with a sheet of A4 Paper. I painted the blue to depict the sky and then proceeded to make the tree. In both cards the art is to be understood as viewed from a window.
You'll be able to get a better look at this tree which is fully mosaic :)
AND................ VOILA !!
Don't they just look so awesome? I really love the way the decorations look on the trees :) Do you like it too? Write to me!!


  1. oh Urmila.. what a lovely post.. Plus your signature looks very very nice!! :-)

  2. Thanks mindfulmeanderer, thanks a lot Patty.. means a lot :)

  3. Ho ho ho !.. What a cute lil santa.. lovely ideas !

  4. Beautiful Urmi...lovely the kids would love making these cards...

  5. Lovely card, loved the mosaic idea

  6. Yeah, true. The card looks awesome. Great idea :) Thanks for sharing.


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