Monday 20 December 2010

Weekend Wrap Up - Wk 11

This is my last weekend wrap up….. ............ for the year!! I will be taking a mini blog- break from 22nd onwards.. I need some serious time for my day job… The weeks ahead till mid January already look manic!! *sigh* Lets not think about that now!! The weekend gone…. oh gone!… sounds so horrid!! We had a lovely weekend … of randomly beautifying and making our home look Christmasy!! All the decorations are not up as yet… So for now.. I’ve decided that I’m not putting the rest up at all.. *smiles* The home looks lovely to me as is… *smiles* Also, we had a mini Dubai bloggers meet… It was lovely to meet ~ Ash, Urmila, Rose and Harshi!! We had a good time talking about nearly everything under the sun… the random conversations and laughs… sounded as though it was an old friends meet!!
My brother kick started his dream this week ~ ‘Tachez’. We got together to have some fun… and help him bake some cookies!!
Not in a million years would I have dreamt of holding a piping bag… But for the love of my brother… Gosh!! the things I do!! It was a great experieicne… and a lovely time spent with family… *smiles*
My home is still a mess… and needs some working on before Christmas… Even worst.. I haven’t finished my Christmas shopping… So I’ll be raiding the shops today and tomorrow… trying to buy gifts… Too much to do… too little time..
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  1. lovely lovely...envy you girls with the mini bloggger meet. Watchout for the Santa coming in with the 40 pds parcel!!!!

  2. Patty, don't stress, it'll all be okay! I can so relate to everything you're going thru right now. :) a mini blog break sounds real good for now (only I'm addicted :D)

    PS: your lighted stalks look lovely--I've looked high and low for them can't find any in stores here. :( had to improvise with regular holiday lights wrapped around my branches, but it still doesn't look right. :( Oh well, next time!

  3. So beautiful and tempting.. those cookies! Shan't miss u on your break, since I wont be here either :) wish you a wonderful xmas and a great year ahead!

  4. You deserve a mini-break! I am definitely going to miss seeing your high-energy posts till mid-Jan though :(

    @anpu- Is santa going to be nice to me too? ;)

  5. Looks like everyone is on a break this Xmas...have fun on ur blogcation :)

  6. Totally understand..busy year ahead for me as well! but yes like Gagan I am also completely addicted..I will skip a meal instead..Lol!

    Merry Christmas and here's wishing you and your family a very happy new year!!

    PS:I checked your brother's site.. very yummy and tempting pictures!! I wish him all the best!!

  7. Patty, I have thoroughly enjoyed these weekly parties. Please continue to do so in the years to come.

    Please look after yourself this hectic Holiday season. Lots of love and care.


  8. N I so v hope that this is the last one just for this year... I cant wait for it to start again!

    Hugs to u for the cheer n happiness u always tend to bring along! Wishing u a equally bright, colorful n cheerful new year ahead!

  9. Those goodies look delicious. Enjoy your break and see you in action soon.

    Happy Holidays and have a great New Year.

  10. great shots and love the santa and cookies too !!! Advance christmas and new year wishes...have fun.....

  11. Your photographs are lovely....especially that twinkle effect...pls do share the trick for such photos.

    I also want to add that your weekend posts are just so reading them!


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