Thursday 2 December 2010

Colour Dekor Team

Introducing the Colours Dekor team of enthu cutlets *smiles*

~ Anu ~

I am Anu Somanath [also called Anpu], coming from Bombay and settled in Atlanta for the last 10 years. I am an "IT Geek", and I love my job. My mom and aunt introduced me to the world of “ART”, when I was probably 3 or 4 years old, and since then, have always dabbled in all forms of creativity…but my passion lies in needlework, sewing, painting, pottery, cooking, gardening and designing jewellery! I enjoy travelling, and coming across and learning new cultures, architecture, history and interacting with the local people and their customs. I love the blogging design world, as I have come across and been inspired with many artworks and some wonderful design friends…

~ Harshi ~

Having moved to Dubai in the winter month of December 1998 soon after my wedding, life was new again and very different from home. I quickly kept the best of what it offered and moved on landing a job with numbers a few months later. Rainy and cloudy weather make me merry. My passion - Handicrafts, interiors, music and reading. My habit - Browsing through stores that stock all of these and often losing track of time when there. Usually get withdrawal symptoms during internet breakdown but can dowse in cups of tea to remain sane. People in my life - My husband and my 2 lovely sisters who are my biggest support systems with an abundance of patience and love and my parents, who are, well everything a daughter could ask for! Quite a movie buff, so if you don t catch me with my lappy, beads or lost at a store - at the movies is where you'll find me. I have a fondness for all things handmade while I am trying to beat the habit of collecting more than I can treasure of these. But with what I have brimming out of my treasures, I hope to share one at a time here at Colours Dekor, every now and then and in turn would love to hear about your treasures too!

~ Patricia ~
I’m Patricia!! Seeing beautiful things and enhancing their beauty challenges my everyday being. I’ve always been interested in the creative side of life and love colours. Anywhere, everywhere. Period. I love to tinker around my home and try different home dekor ideas wherever I can. Creating a beautiful environment, is amongst my favourite pastimes! I’m passionate about interior design, home d├ęcor, travel, my family and most recently, photography.… Do check out my travel blog – Amit & Patty and photography enthusiasm at Colour Corridor
~ Rose ~
I'm Rose!! The www amazes me. Such a magnitude of information, all accessible from my good ol' laptop. So this is my space in the galaxy, my bean bag in the corner. Come sit with me and dip your fingers into my cookie jar of memories - perhaps you'll find we have something in common. I’m a banker by profession and a dreamer in my heart .. Do read my personal blog – From my corner.
~ Shilpa ~
I'm a mother of 2 kids (a girl who is 6 and a boy who is 2.5 years). I am also a Software Architect by profession. I cannot tell you what I usually do in my free time, because that is one thing I don’t have the luxury of... I don’t have any free time but if I ever do, I spend it on crafts. I love creative projects of all kinds, knitting, crochet, DIY, painting, everything... I also love food and public speaking. My entry into the world of blogs and photography is fairly recent and I would love to get lots of comments on my posts on this blog as well as my main blog Reya and Rithik
~ Urmila ~

I'm a homemaker and a mother to a 4 year old little curious toddler. I love music, art and craft and writing. My forays into the creative world are fairly recent and with each passing day, I find myself discovering new ways to create something beautiful out of junk material. My posts here on Colours Dekor will be on similar lines and I do hope all of you like it. Please also visit Rang Fusion, which is my baby in the truest sense. I am also on Etsy!! Yes I have a little shop on Etsy to sell handcrafted stuff and do hope you will like it too. Please visit me on


  1. Lovely to see all of you in one post! Takes off the confusion...great going, ladies! Here's to your lovely blog!!

  2. Wonderful! at last we get to see all of you on one page!

  3. Good to meet all of you! Pretty ladies, lots of wishes coming your way!

  4. Nice to meet the beauty and brains running the blog!

    You rock girls!

  5. beauties? bah, you know what I mean!

    xoxo to team dekor!

  6. Nice to meet the talented team behind this blog.

  7. At last we get to see the wonderful people behind this blog... ;-)

  8. This truly warmed my heart.Good going.Lookimng forward to more interesting posts from all of you.

  9. I never knew!!.I thought it was patty all the way! Great to know gorgeous ladies.

  10. Nice to finally put faces to all the names! Hello Team Colours Dekor I love reading all your entries!

  11. Hi ladies, good to see so many creative people around.

    Urmila, it was good to see a known face here. Would love to read your posts :)


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