Friday 21 September 2012

Home Tour ~ Ash ~ Part 2

So you've seen part one of Ash's gorgeous home... and you've probably visited her at Everyday is a Miracle... Now I'm showing you more... before that.... here is what Ash says about her home... *smiles*

My home - the place I always find my way back to - away from the busy world.  I am personally very choosy about how I do up my home.  Everytime I think of buying things – it invariably ends up being Indian, much to the agony of my growing kids who want the rooms to look ultra modern.  So this time when we moved home, I was happy to let them have their way as long as I have the living room all for myself to be done up with ethnic Indian décor.

I have tried to do my interiors with any which way it brings in positive energy, be it the things I buy for the house, the colors I add on the walls or drapes or even the music I play at home.

a few random corners.... kept as stunning as ever....

What do you think of this little corner? Stunning isnt it?

And Ash displays one of her paintings on the stairs leading to the bedrooms.... 

Now I'm showing you some of her lovely greens.... 

.... And here is a little more about Ash & her gorgeous home.... 

Since I was born in Kerala and raised in Bangalore,  most of the stuff I pick are from the south of India and would have a small connection to what I have grown up with, like playing with the manjadikurus in the Srikrishna temple at Gurvayur, the mallipus and rangoon creeper in my garden, the brass para used as a plant pot, the carved wooden panels, hanging brass lamps on carved wooden brackets.  My father was in the antique arts’ line of business so any impressive art or art products that get my second look land up home.  The antique painting next to the railway clock is from one of my father’s collections.  I also developed a keen interest in painting over the years and I must say I am impatient with my work so my ideas on the canvas need to complete within a day.  You can view some of my paintings here

More Kerala influence are those framed mohiniyattam dance photos of my daughter and the mural art on the wall brought all the way from Trivandrum.  My collection of the Malgudi days tele-series revives my growing up years and my latest interest in spirituality has brought in some classy music series.  I am also very fond of cooking so food shows and cook books form a part of my collections.  I also have rosemary, basil, curry leaves and mint herbs growing in my garden with lime and fig trees as well.  Not to miss the malli-pu or jasmine plants which adds fragrance in my backyard.  My latest passion is the Rangoon creeper plant growing in my garden which again has a special connection to my yester years.

My home is not completely done as yet..the next thing on my mind is getting those family pictures on the wall..once I do that I hope to write a post about it in my blog.

A clock and a temperature clock.... gifted by her brother... 

And here is where... she entertains... and has some awesome... time with her family and friends... 

So what do you think of her lovely home?? 


  1. Gorgeous home!! Ash you have such a stunning home. You done up your home so beautifully!!

  2. Its so warm and appealing.....yet soothing...You have done a great job.

  3. Ash has a beautiful home!Loved the home tour,Patricia!

  4. Ash, you have very fine taste. Every corner is resonating positive energy. So beautiful, simple and ethereal. I love that lotus bowl corner. So elegant

  5. WOW! What a gorgeous,inviting home! Love your style Ash! Love it!

  6. Awesome decor and what a classy home. Love the styling of the house and the lighting used.

  7. I love the idea of the decoration, very clever! Thanks for sharing your idea. I love it.

  8. a very warm home. i loved the earthy colors used. I so wish I had a terrace or some outdoor space too.

  9. Pretty decaration. Especially the garden, Ganeshas......
    I love it. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Breath-takingly beautiful....... a lot of love, detailing and co-ordination has gone into it.


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