Friday 7 September 2012

Makeover stories ~ Shilpa

Here is a unique makeover story *smiles*.... Shilpa blogs at 'a reluctant homemaker'... and is 'a lawyer & journalist academically, and a mother and wife personally'... over to Shilpa...

After my younger son finally settled in school and I had done all the putting-my-legs-up-and-drinking-cups-of-tea, I took a good look around my house. It hardly took a few seconds. And, it struck me that this was the change I desired.

But, living in a 980 sq. feet apartment with two children and a german shepherd puts things in perspective. You simply come to terms with the fact that however hard you stare at all the pretty rooms in all the pretty houses in all the design blogs, it cannot be for you, at least not for a long time.

It was in the midst of demolishing the piles in my cupboard kept exclusively for junk or the stuff that I can’t decide to throw or keep, I found a cute little frame of handmade paper. It was a going away gift from a dear friend in Chennai, just before we moved to Mumbai. I have spent enough hours on Pinterest for my mind and heart to jump at what was, definitely, a plan.

I found I had some frames but I never got around to putting pictures as I could never decide on which ones. That, or, I got lost in the memories and stories behind them. So, I got the frames out to give my house an instant make-over, without the pictures.

The little one holds ferns, pressed and dried, from my little balcony garden. I had wanted to print out ‘keep calm and carry on’ or ‘be still’ for the large frame. But, the daughter had other plans.

This old frame was bought on holiday from Singapore and held a family picture clicked there. Once I tried to change the photgraph and the glass broke. But, it has another lease at life showing off a rather drab shell from Alibaug amidst a lot of glitter. Yes, my daughter had a lot to do with this DIY!

My seven-year-old daughter punched out the butterflies from an old and yellowed Oxford pocket dictionary. I stuck them in a random pattern. All it took was ten minutes, that too, because little madam talks way too much.

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  1. Super cute :) luved all the frames,...

  2. Love the punched out butterflies :)
    cute ideas.

  3. loved the leaf framed :)

  4. Loved all of them, esp. the one with the shell :)

  5. Lovely pink Frangipani!Loved the frame with the pressed fern!

  6. A big hi Patricia...It's been really long and today I read so many of your older posts too...just to treat myself with all that I missed out all these days ! Love your makeover stories...

  7. I love most of the frames but I like second frame so much. I am having one idea which i want to share you that is taking old boots and transforming them into beautiful flower plants. Its look beautiful i tried at home. I got this nice idea from commonfloor. Thanks for this nice frames.


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