Friday 5 April 2013

Artist intro ~ Sravani

Bringing to you today... is Sravani 

I am Sravani Jaddu, a self taught artist. Though I chose a different career in psychology, art has been a part of my life since childhood. I moved from India and currently live United States for my education. My hobbies were more explored in United States and I started working on them whenever I had free time. And the amazing part is Internet in this country that helps me learn new techniques and give good exposure to my art. My inspiration is India and nature. The colours that I use are mostly bright and vibrant that depicts the varied cultures and people in India. Every part of the country has its own style of art that makes me more inspired. And nature, the beauty and colours in nature are amazing that usually makes me admire!!!! 

I like working with different forms of art that you see on my page, My lil world which has given me more encouragement. Photography is been added to my interest few years back. Inspiration for my pictures is also nature and colours. Every time I look at something beautiful I want to capture that memory forever. And also my grandfather was a photographer who an inspiration. Juss photographs is the other page that I first started. And I am working on my photography skills.

A few images of her work... 

If you like her work, don't forget to like her FB page, My lil world and Juss photographs 


  1. Nice! Love the color and flowers combination. Definitely signals spring.Such pretty photos!

  2. i always admired your art work and your such an inspiration Sravs. all the best for your future projects :).

  3. I love your art work Sravs. Your such an inspiration :). All the best for all your future projects :).


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