Wednesday 10 April 2013

Complaining about a friend

Now.. I don't normally use my blog to complain about my friends.... But.... you have to listen to my story!! 

I have an awesome friend in Bangalore… who runs a little awesome store called Indya Kaleidoscope… 

However, she seems to keep all the treasures for herself…. 

Now… below is the set of Buddhas that I have been eyeing for a while… Tell me… which one do you like?? I’d like to have three for my own… Which ones would go along??

Look… blocks… for either block printing or wall hanging… *sigh*… how gorgeous… 

Now.. this is the highlight… Indya Kaleidoscope sells.. Kantha quilts… awesome ones!! In her home.. she got creative and covered the sofa with the same material.. ins’t this awesome…!! 

I love the stuff… Do you?? Visit Indya Kaleidoscope or their FB page for more… 


  1. Patty...I love all of them...three on the right side looks lovely together color wise and I just adore that 4th piece with Buddha..

  2. heheh...lovely post patty...what a way to speak so well about IK...only you can do this :)

  3. I like the last one and the sofa is a beauty!

  4. I really love colorful decors which help brighten up and improve my home interior. And colorful decorations and even furniture can help change that mood and ambiance of your entire house. And I also found cheap TV stands here that surely perfect in your home.

  5. Hey Patty
    Awesome post. Love the sofa. And undoubtedly, fabulous way to present the matter.. :)


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