Wednesday 3 April 2013

Store Review ~ Paper Boat Collective, Goa

I'm taking you to Goa today... to Paper Boat Collective... 

Paper Boat Collective, Goa, is a simple and stylish concept shop set in a quaint
Portuguese house with lovely green and ivory windows.

The handcrafted ceramic, textile, furniture and wall art at Paper Boat Collective
(a Monkey Business Enterprise) is a limited edition curated collection that stirs
the soul with its simplicity, thoughtfulness and charm.

Carefree spirit underpinned by the professional ability of two NID graduates,
Bhagyashree and Thomas, steers a simple idea through many tides in the
Indian design space.

At the onset, PBC has a distinct collection created with passion and care.
Monkey Business, for bold, handcrafted ceramics;
Sotomoto, with children’s merchandise in a riot of colours;
Bent, showcasing handmade wood furniture;
Rangoli, offering organic cotton and silk apparel; and
candid renditions in water colours, pen and ink, and photography
by Prash, Allen, Vikas and Sandy.

Wander into this old-fashioned space, past the anteroom, under a high Goan tile ceiling,
and let Paper Boat Collective delight your senses as you soak in a serene but still
surprising ambience.

As rising tides lift all boats, so do the team’s aspirations. Paper Boat Collective
is in conversation with international designers to showcase their work at the store,
as they navigate through workshops and make a splash with events,
destined for an unforgettable journey into the horizon. 

Here is a tour... of the store... in Goa

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  1. oooh I love the store exterior as much as the stuff inside!

  2. great collection, want to grab autorickshaw piece

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  4. Various products such as cleansing wax, tank fuels etc are available at boat shop.


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