Wednesday 1 May 2013

My Home, My Haven ~ Barnita

You know how I admire people who share their homes with me... These are people who've made each corner of their home with passion and love... Each piece is a treasure that holds memories... and one such home is that of Barnita... where I'm taking you today. 

Tell me a little about yourself... 
I am a Bengali by birth, born, brought up and educated in Kolkata. Currently settled in Bangalore with my family. Working in the IT industry. Have 2 daughters aged 9 and 5 who are my world. My interests are in gardening, art and crafts and needlework.

Where are the masks from at your entrance. Do you collect this?
They are a mix of terracotta mask and few from Chile which was a gift. I love masks and I do intend to increase the collection. Incidentally the wall panel on the other wall is basically miniature terracotta panels, mounted on a base.

Do you have a particular style that you follow at home..
I live in a 1745 sq ft apartment in Bangalore  and I do try to keep the basic theme Indian since I feel that is the one in harmony with the environment we live in. Though there are artifacts from all over the world which find a place in my home. I also love plants and have tried to bring them into every nook and corner of my home including bathrooms, kitchen, dressing table etc!

Tell me about all the paintings.. 
Most of them except the Madhubani one are painted by my father in laws. He is a accomplished painter though never sold any commercially!

You've got a fair bit of a collection in the showcases.... What is it? Where is it from?
The showcases photos are (alas) pathetic. But they are from all over the world including many parts of India. There are representations from Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, China, Africa, US and Turkey.

Any special feature you would like to talk about....
I love a home which exudes warmth – it should feel home, o for that a lil bit of clutter is also fine. I love artifacts and I have tons of them. I have tried to display some but there are many more. I do pick up souvenirs but that is very commercialized now. Any place in the world you go, the souvenirs are Made in China! I like to pick up things which appeals to me eye and gives me a sense of happiness. Possible my love for buddhas is based upon that.

Now... also.. why have you not sent me pics of your balcony?? I can see some gorgeous stuff...
Yes of course will send you pictures of my balcony. It is overflowing with plants. Maybe I need to tidy them up a bit for them for the pictures. I do have planters, brass bells and other artifacts in my garden!

I notice you have colourful bottles hanging.. What is this?
They outline the rim of my open kitchen. I love them since during the afternoon, they catch the rays of the falling sun and give out beautiful colors. I intend to put money plant cuttings in some of them

How do you live with an open kitchen?
I wanted a fully open kitchen but have only one side open – more like a window. It makes my kitchen look bigger and gives me some place to decorate!

Now... if your home is built with equal passion, then emial me on I'd love to drop by for a cup of coffee... *smiles*


  1. Gorgeous!Love the idea of hanging colourful bottles.

  2. Barnita, love love love those cute colourful hanging jars on the kitchen charming. Did you make them? :) Harshi

  3. I love the little knick knacks all over your home - makes for a cosy setting!
    My favorites are the paintings and what's hanging on the curtains - flowers?
    Showcases of memories....are always nice to spend time and smiles on :)

  4. Such a beautiful home! Love the buddha centre piece!

  5. Barnita ...your home is so gorgeous.I loved the hanging lamps in your open kitchen. Sweet and warm abode!

  6. Thanks to all for the comments!

    Harshita - I bought the colorful glass jars and bottles. We hung the up on the pane with strings.

    Rose - Yes, the flowers are fasteners for the curtains!

  7. I like your story, ok, i’ll bookmark this site and return here in next few days.

  8. Such a beautiful home with all collections and full of personality...

  9. Bright, airy, sun kissed home with a lot of charm and character. Kudos to the home owner!


  10. Full of life and positive energy :)

  11. so full of treasures! Amazing home!!


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