Friday 3 May 2013

Artist into ~ Priya

Priya is a self taught artist with an eye for colours, patterns, design and style. She started painting in water colours in her teens and soon after experimented with acrylic and pencil. 

Her paintings have elements depicting both her roots, culture n traditions of Odisha (India) as well as her growth and evolution to being a Global citizen. She has a rich treasure of artistic memories as well as travels and exposure to multiple environments (spanning India, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore and the United States) where she has learned to love and balance the unique beauty of traditional age old paintings (especially the Pattachitras from Odisha & Tanjore paintings) along with discovering the essence of old and new Global artforms. 

She loves and paints anything that speaks to her- be it the rich vibrant paintings of Gods and Goddesses from Hindu mythology, beautiful Orchids and flowers at the Singapore Botanical Garden, or random sketches of leisure. 

She loves to use a myriad of colours- bold n vibrant as well as subtle and soft; designs both traditional as well as eclectic patterns and textures that tell a story of their own. She continuously tries and experiments with new mediums and forms of Art & craft. 

She feels Art is the most fulfilling way of relaxation n enjoyment (apart from being Mom to adorable toddlers) after or within the routine domesticities in her everyday life. Art, for her, is a continuous process of learning and she is her own harshest critic, till date never being 100% satisfied with any of her creations. She is crazy about Paisleys. 

In her own words: "I have this insane unending love for paisleys and also for the shade Black. To me Paisleys in design and a Black Dress would never go out of style."

I sure hope you liked her work as much as I did.... *smiles*

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