Wednesday 29 May 2013

Artist Review ~ My Jewellery Corner

I'm always amazed when I find an artists based in Dubai ... only coz life is soooooooooooo super busy, and yet if you create the time to pursue your heart... you must be truly passionate... Hence I'm always in awe... always in admiration... 

and here is one such artists... Sheeba Vinod... 

And this is what Sheeba has to say ... 

 I am mom of a four year old daughter who quit my career to be with her and enjoy every phase of her growth and so far the journey has been worth every second of it. But ample time on my hand with nothing to do and daily mundane chores getting at me, decided to engage myself in some creative pursuits and thats how I found my calling, making jewellery.
My Jewellery corner, my handmade jewellery, was born the day my hobby turned into a small business venture and now am enjoying every minute of it.
I make jewellery using semi precious stones, clay, wood, crystals and the latest being polymer clay jewelery which is not common in this region.
I have plans to rebrand my page as I have more plans to add up to the existing line .

So if you like what you see... hop on to her page... My Jewellery Corner.. dont forget to like.. and you can get in touch with her on


  1. wonderful pieces!!

  2. Thanks a ton Patty, cannot tell you in words how happy I am to see my page on your blog.


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