Friday 24 May 2013

Artist Review ~ Asha from Bahrain

Do you remember seeing Asha's gorgeous home in Bahrain.... 

Well today, I will introduce you to Asha ~ the Tanjore artist *sigh*... 

Such a talented woman... a truly multifaceted personality... go on Asha... tell us about these paintings.. 

The minute one hear the words, 'Tanjore paintings', the picture is full of gold, semi precious stones and vibrant colors.

The reason for taking up Tanjore art is, living in Bahrain I had plenty of time at home, my passion for painting took me to explore this amazingly beautiful art which is also a time consuming  one.  It takes days to finish a single piece, after which comes the framing. I have taken a lot of interest in framing each and every painting of mine... some times spending hours on end at the local art gallery and framing workshop. Please take a second look at the beautiful Italian frames too:)

Here, I would like to put in a word of appreciation to the local Bahraini artist who were extremely encouraging, in fact they had not come across a Tanjore art till I showed them my work! They were fascinated by the sheer shine of the gold foil on my paintings:)

a closer look of a few of her paintings... 

Now, if one is sitting with a particular painting and working on it for say more than a month, will one not fall in love with it eventually? This is exactly what happened with most of my paintings:) Hence, sorry... I cannot part with any of them. Each painting has its own memories of the time, days and months I sat with them and I hold it very dear to my heart.
Who knows, in the future I may get back to doing this... if my mood permits... to take orders!!!
So, as of now, please do enjoy seeing my paintings and do send in your feed backs as they are very valuable for me.
If any one is interested to know more about this they can feel free to write in to my email id -

Now this isn't all... wait to see more of her paintings next week... 


  1. This is such a treat! I am working on a tanjore painting post for Aalayam myself and so this is inspiring!
    kudos to Asha - her artistry is evident in her work!
    Thanks patricia for bringing her work to light!



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