Monday 6 May 2013

The Weekly Story ~ wk 14

And its a Monday... needless to say.. I had an action packed weekend.. and am looking forward to an even busier week... 

... not showing  you some more empty walls today... Infact.. I think the place looks crowded just with the furniture so am so puzzled as to what else to do on those walls... 

But I truly love how my jhoola fits in... to the living space!!

Now tell me... how about if I have a jhoola hanging off the ceiling... Do you think that would look nice??

Oh.. and my horse cabinet is back in the living room... *smiles*... 

for a better view... 

and not to the final section of this room.... 

Another blank wall... at the dining area... If you've got any ideas for here.. please share... *smiles*

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  1. Empty walls?? Aure simply loves to help, ping me at if interested!! or

    check out our fb page :

    And such a great blog, a true fan following for months now! keep going :)

  2. How about some food related posters on that wall?I am planning something on those lines for my dining area.It looks modern and by adding a few decorative plates and ceramics on the wall ,you can add that ethnic touch also.

  3. OOh - that horse cabinet is gorgeous!!!!
    Thanks for hosting. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  4. Hang that jhoola, I say!! My aunt has it that way in her living room and it looks fabulous. If you have had the jhoola on the floor for long, hanging would be a nice change. Having said that, I think it's very important for me to state that I like it this way as well :)

    For the empty walls... I wish I had a wall as big and blank as that in my house. I want to put up a collection of my paintings on a wall but none is as high and neat as that. What are your plans? A single huge painting, a textured wall or a photo gallery are some of my suggestions. Oh yes, those huge wood-carved mirrors should fit well too :)

  5. love your blog! :) Indian inspired decor sections are my fav!!

  6. Beautiful home, Patty. Love the horse cabinet.


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