Monday 28 March 2016

how to organise a party

Hello everyone, I often get asked ‘how to organise a birthday party’ or ‘can you create an invite for me’.. You wont believe, if I tell you that I have actually created invitations for people I absolutely don’t know.. But its fun. This is what got me looking for online invitations, and I came across Paperless Post – this is a company that provides online as well as paper invitations / cards. 

So here’s a few quick tips on how to organise a fantastic & memorable birthday party. 

Theme :
Pick a theme with the help of your little one. Though it may seem unnecessary, having a theme will most certainly help you base your décor ideas, and what type of décor to buy, food to prepare & what games & activities to plan. Character parties are popular, Elsa, Dora, faries, pirates, cowboys, etc. 
Sit with your little one & discuss this, you’ll be amazed at their creativity. 

Always get invitations that match your theme. 

Paperless post, seems to be an amazing resource of creative invitations. There are impressive designs & selecting something from here just makes it so much simply. Choose an online invitation that reflects the style & theme of your party. 

I love personalised invites and found these perfect for my little girls.. 

And if yours is a milestone celebration, here are a few I loved..

Colour coordinated food or Theme based food is always a fantastic idea  – for example if you are having a bee themed party – tea sandwiches, deviled eggs, yellow peppers, pineapple, and even some honey mustard. Cut the food in hexagon shapes to mimic the honeycomb shape.

Dessert :
Theme based cakes, cupcakes & cakepops are simply amazing. If you are based in Dubai, you must try cakes & cupcakes from Moon Face. So for your bee themed party, you’d have honey, lemon & chocolate cake, cupcakes or tarts, add in some oreos too. 

Beverages :
I simply love having a little juice bar at kids parties. They are always super excited to see more than one colour or type of juice. Lemonade & iced tea are new favourites. 
If you are having a tea party, try putting up a little tea section with ‘brew your own tea’, with different flavours of tea. 

If this is a home party, always find inexpensive & DIY ways to decorate. Lanterns, tissue poms, printed banners, newspaper decorations, or even painted paper decorations. Don’t forget to add a little bit of the theme to it. 
Some elements to add to your décor – balloons, yard signs, buntings, banners, tableware, center-pieces, place cards. 

Activities & Entertainment:
This should ideally be age specific. There’s loads of games based on theme & age. Some party favourites are always – musical chairs, piñata, four corners & dancing. Newer ideas are writing a message for the birthday girl, or simply an art & craft activity. 

Favors :
Themed based favors are always a big hit. And ofcourse which child doesn’t wait to see whats In his take away pack. As the girls are growing bigger, mason jars filled with candy or hot chocolate seems to be the new favourites.

The next few posts will be featuring a few birthday parties... if you've organised a party - babyshower, wedding, bachelorette, birthday, do share it with us on

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