Friday 4 March 2016

Restroom decor

Just before I did this post, I googled to check 'unique restroom decors' and I'm totally in awe, that there are other people around the world who love decorating their restrooms as much as I do..

Generally this is the first focus point in my home.. or the first area I decide to populate. 

My travel fridge magnets have always remained in the restroom.. (don't ask why!)

Over the years, I've lost a few, a few got thrown away, broken... these are all that I have left. I think I need one more magnetic board now!! 

This box below was from a little store in Bangalore. 

I've used printing blocks as tray / stand for the hand creme. 

And I simply love how these two dokra men look on top of the lights.. 

I had a few more images, so put it up on the below side show! Enjoy!! 

Send me an email on with a copy of how your restroom looks.. I'm simply inquisitive! *smiles*

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