Wednesday 16 March 2016

Knit n Purl Ocean

Meeting Reena Bino of Knit n Purl Ocean, Goa, has truly been inspiring.. Shes a working woman, wife & mom, and yet finds the time to fulfil her passions… Here’s what she says…

Knitting is my biggest stress buster. My day is not complete without knitting.” I also engage myself in aluminum embossing and glass painting in my leisure hours.
Knit N Purl Ocean is a one-woman show and its me who create, does the packaging and also dispatches the products.

What is Knit n Purl Ocean?
The knitted products on Knit n Purl Ocean has an exquisite range of knitted and lace products for life style and home decor. All the doilies on Knit n Purl Ocean are hand knitted with set of four/five or eight double pointed needles, the doilies are then blocked to get the desired effect.

Tell us a little about our creative process?
I write my own patterns to suit customised orders. I put in a lot of effort in creating every single piece, which consumes lot of time, patience and energy. The Yarn is personally selected by me, the Doilies are mostly knit in White and Beige colour, unless a customer specifies a particular colour to match the furniture. Coasters and appliques are done in different colours. The final knit product is of much superior quality and it’s something one can treasure for its lifetime, something that brings a smile on everyone’s face.

What products can we find at Knit n Purl Ocean?
My current product portfolio includes -

  •    Small doilies in round, square and oval shape.
  •    Doilies as wedding gifts and for trousseau
  •    table mats, table runners
  •    center pieces for glass and wooden furniture
  •    dining table & dressing table set
  •    customised knitted set for the living room
  •    Knitted baskets & knitted coasters.
  •    Knitted wall d├ęcor
  •    Knitted applique for cushions and curtains

Reena, tell us a little about yourself…
Am a working woman, wife and mother to a 10 year old son. I learnt the finer nuances of knitting from my mother at the age of eight, “It was a memorable moment when I knitted my first doily, handling all the five needles together and it was perfect!,” and than it has been a continuous journey thereafter of trying to self-learn more difficult patterns, different types of knitting stitches and experimenting to create new patterns.

As a young girl I always loved making cards, paintings, frames crafting artificial flowers for any special occasion. I was quite active in the Crafts class and it is through this interest in arts that I learnt various forms of craft like flower making, candle making, clay modelling, glass painting, aluminum embossing and fabric painting.

I am waiting for the right leap in my venture so that I can take up this passion full time. Currently, I am working for a Pharma Company alongside pursuing my venture in Goa.

My venture has a social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and I have my website which will be updated with latest products very soon. Buyers can place their orders by logging on to my FB page and get them delivered.

What keeps you going? And wearing so many hats must be difficult!  
Multitasking, patience, determination and the will to succeed in life, and all this is not possible without the support from family. “My family is the biggest motivation,”  my mother inculcated one quality in me – Never give up on your dreams. Time management is one of the biggest skills I have inherited from my mother.
It also helps to have a husband who is extremely supportive and appreciates my work.

Anything you’d like to say to sum up our brief chat… 
Always have positive attitude, big  dreams and a big vision. Believe in the phrase that “Whatever happens, happens for a reason”. Just believe in your dreams, believe in God and follow your heart. Patience, determination and being passionate towards your work are important. I always wanted to be an Artisan, a passionate learner and a professional in whatever I do. So always dream BIG. “I am a big admirer of all women who excel in life, who keep dreaming and strive to make their dreams come true,”

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