Saturday 2 July 2011

2008 - Year of travel

I'm hoping this year will be another 2008.... It was a memorable year of travelling around... ... from UK, Amsterdam to Kenya, Jordan... then to down under - Sydney and finally to Hong Kong and to Disneyland. I had a fabulous time! Yes!! every Saturday... I'm going to bore you with my stories... *smiles* These are a few pics from Amsterdam... What a lovely place!! I was so impressed with the architecture... and the tulips!
Look at the lovely buildings. Nothing in the world like Amsterdam! This was my hotel room in Amsterdam on the 14th floor, with a clear view of the central station. I could sit by this window and sip my tea all day... Can you spot Central Station?? View from my window!!

The lovely tulips... that stole my heart !


  1. Its amazing to see the thrill you have for life, i have always appreciated your zeal and the blog enhances it further more. Keep going.
    love parul

  2. Pat
    Lovely to see and read your blog. Keep it up.

  3. wonderful!! am looking forward to your other posts too!

  4. Great weekend dear, kisses:)

  5. Wow!!!! Europe in itself I think is a travellers paradise! N ur pics jus prove them again....

  6. Wow will be waiting for ur Saturday postsnow

  7. More of Amsterdam...good...keep it coming...

    ps: I thought I gave u a scare with my unexpected call:))

  8. blue tulips.....I have never seen blue tulips! Oh how I would love to go to Amsterdam. Glad I could visit thru you. :)

  9. Went there with my parents long time back ...

    Brings back memories :)

    ♡ from ©


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