Friday 15 July 2011

Treasures at Blue Souq

On one of my ventures to scout for beads and accents around town (for brand Harshi), I made a trip to Sharjah’s Blue Souq . Although I’ve been there a couple of times years ago, those trips were quick and touristy. However, this time it was different, as the hours (!!) passed by quickly and I realised I lost track of time but found treasures in the bargain. This probably could be because I had Geetha for company, who was equally enthusiastic and patient to go from store to another digging all sorts of antiques and tribal accents ranging from silver jewelry, embroidered and beaded accessories, silver and copper wares, old coins, Afghani, Turkish, Nepali, local beads and so much more. Enough said, but I managed to capture just some of those treasures for your eye-candy pleasure and here's sharing them... Enjoy! Afghani tribal jewelry...
Handcrafted metal ware...
in antiqued silver and copper...
Afghani embroidery...
...and bead work etc.
If my attempts to make you drool over these finds have succeeded and you do plan to head to the Blue Souq, do make sure to brush up on your bargaining skills and pack a lot of'll need it. :-) ~~Harshi


  1. I loved every single photograph!! They are indeed, gorgeous.

  2. were in a heaven, love everything.

  3. Harshi meri jaan...GOERGEOUS!!! Ok I recall this souk.,...i had a hurried dekho in 2000,...Seriously these pics are tempting to stop at Dubai...this is TEMPTATION galore!!!

  4. You make me wish I was there shopping with you - what amazing finds:):)

  5. It was a pleasure going with you! We would be back into our business once I get back!:-) Lots more to explore!

  6. thing i like......i really want to buy them...but how?????

  7. those antique silver ware are total drool worthy. are they too pricey?? thanks for sharing


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