Thursday 14 July 2011

Entrance way ~ Part 1

The front porch is an important element of your home... Its a welcome sign!! Its the first impression!! A few quick décor tips for your front porch ~
1. Have a colour theme... like a 'red porch'... or a 'yellow porch'... Colours always work wonders.
2. Decorate with flowers or pots. If you use a colours scheme for the same.. example... pink & yellow flowers.. etc... The effect is stunning!
3. A seating is lovely as well... preferably with a little table to enjoy a hot cup of coffee..
4. Create weather related themes... summer décor (example bring on the beach effect)... or festival related.. Christmas décor (have a Santa waiting out there!)
5. Decorate with any other element in sets of three... Let your imaging go wild.. candles, lamps, lanterns, dancing figurines, just about anything!!
As promised... I'll share with you the small changes I do to our entrance way or front porch every now and then... This fulfils my decor itch ... and often surprises our guests..
A collection of pots always works wonders... I don't have too many... So I put together the few I have...
This hangs on the door permanently.. I got this while on holiday in Turkey... It wards away evil..
A serene effect... This looks lovely by night.. with the candles on..
A seat along the side... I did this last week... The yellow cushion for summer... The lantern often gets lost among other things at home.. It stands out when lit outside.. *smiles* ...
A lantern collection... is always lovely for a night party.. .What you see the minute you enter.. remains in your mind.. *smiles*..
Hope you are joining the 'In the spot light' series... open all of July ~ Enchanting Entrances


  1. great tips patty! next time I will keep in my for color theme for flowers. All the corners are very beautiful and different then one another.

  2. Thanks a lot Patty for sharing wonderful tips. I was looking for some great ideas to make entrance inviting and now I think my search is over.

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  4. Beautiful.. loved the Buddha surrounded by candles. Your summer cushion and the cane chair are adorable.

  5. Beautiful.. loved the Buddha surrounded by candles. Your summer cushion and the cane chair are adorable.

  6. Great tips Patty...I bet that the lanterns lit up at night are simply gorgeous:)

  7. Patricia awesome photos and Thank You for the inspiration and tips!

  8. Loved all the arrangements.awesome!!

  9. Awesome ideas... each one is better than the other :) I love your collection of pots and lanterns... unique and beautiful. The Buddha and candle arrangement looks really good.


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