Tuesday 26 July 2011

Front Porch ~ Part 3

This one is my favourite... Tell me what you think...
We did this... when mom called her friends... for an 'oldies' party *grin*.... Everyone was thrilled... a zillion compliments came my way... They loved the cushions... and totally loved the old styled lantern...
Totally made my day... When I try something new at home.. I totally love it... when people notice... And guess what... everyone.. except... hubby darling noticed it.. *smiles*
Sure hope you are being part of our 'Enchanting Entrances'...


  1. What an idea!! This is AWESOME.
    Love that cushion... where did you get that from? If I don't get anything of that kind, I'll paint it myself! I want it.. I want it!
    Pinning it.

  2. Patty!!!That is awesome :) I totally love the rocking chair and the cushion also. Loved the look and yes we are enjoying the Enchanting Entrances series!! Keep 'em coming.

  3. the rocking chair simply rocks with the pillow...would love to sit and sip a tea...

  4. Ohh Patty, I always wanted rocking chair on my porch....love the lantern.

  5. That's a great idea. I love most the first photo this one is classic =)

  6. The cushion is lovely. It blends in so well with the rustic lantern and rocking chair. It looks lovely.


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