Saturday 9 July 2011

Karibu - Kenya

Karibu – means ‘Welcome’. This is the little board outside my tent! By far one of my favourite trips ~ Kenya with my office colleagues. Kenya is a land of green savannahs and wild life. The lush greenery just doesn’t end. Kenya is diverse in nature & culture. It is the ultimate safari and wild life experience. The Kenyan savannahs are rich with big game drives, timeless cultures unchanged and untouched by the modern world, immaculate beaches and coral reef, endless forests and finite opportunity to explore, discover, relax and be adventurous. We went for the game drive thrice and every time saw the new & unexpected sights & sounds of lively Kenya. And it still had a lot more to offer.

We got to Masai Mara in this little propeller plane.

This is how we were welcomed !
On the second day, we went to meet little Masai kids, their church, school & homes. The homes still do not have any electricity. These children live away from modern life... and its amenities. Yet.... the joy on thier faces in unbound.
The first animal we saw... Mr. Hippo!
A little about the climate – generally warm and humid nearly all year long. It does get cool during the nights. Rainfall is seasonal between November & April. This is the official website for further information Here are a few pics from our drive.
The slightly over adventurous Cheetah.
This is how close we were to the animals... The elephant... oh I just love.. How magnificant & royal !!
My heart skipped a beat when we came face to face with the big five! Specially when the lion just sat there and stared back at us. The king of the jungle with all its splendour and majesty. The first thing that came to my mind – ‘Hakuna Matata – such a wonderful world’
And then they come to say Hello -
We stayed at the Fairmont Masai Mara. The resort has nearly 50 tents with four poster beds topped with comfy pillow and a hot water bag in your blanets to keep you warm at night. The tents extend to a veranda overlooking the monkey, hippo and crocodile-filled river. Be prepared for all the noises. For more information -
The chandelier on the restaurant ceiling is made up of dried cocunt covers. How amazing and creative??
The Hippo in my room. As you can see, I have a fascination for hotel rooms..... This one took my breathe away!!
There were beads everywhere !!
Even the lamp was made of beads!!
The open air spa...
Then it was time to come back... return from dreamland to the real world!!


  1. I love your pictures...your trip looked like it was amazing...the open air
    Shall wait to see more of your trips on your blog - great work!

  2. oh this is a dream vacation ,Patty!
    what magnificient are so lucky to have viewed them so up close.looking forward to more of your vacation pics:)

  3. Wonderful!!! Samhith is going to love the pics of the animals and he is now going to pester me to take him there :)

  4. Thanks for sharing such awesome clicks

  5. to visit Africa reading through your travel post.

  6. I wish I can visit Kenya sometime! I was showing my daughter the picture who is crazy about animals and she loved it! Awsome shots of the Chetaah!

  7. A-MA-ZING!!! I would SO love to visit there some day.

  8. The Karibu board made me wonder, is this the tent of Fairmont in Masai Mara...and as i scroll down to see the pictures, I am sure its the same place we stayed in too when we went to Masai Mara! Awesome place, lovely experience! :)


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