Saturday 30 July 2011

Bandhavgarh National Park

I simply had to share what I stumbled upon !! As I am eternally planning a holiday… every single day of my life, today I came across this – Bandhavgarh National Park (Please click to view their website) Bandhavgarh National Park is spread at vindhya hills in Madhya Pradesh. It consists of a core area of 105 sq km and a buffer area of approximately 400 sq km of topography varies between steep ridges, undulating, forest and open meadows. Bandhavgarh National Park is known for the Royal Bengal Tigers. The density of the Tiger population at Bandhavgarh is the highest known in India. So to spot a tiger… you’ve got to go to Bandhavgarh.
Places to see around Bandhavgarh... Forts & Other places
And this is definitely where one should stay.... Click picture for link
I'm off to plan my vacation...
This is surely where I can going for my summer vacation !! If any of you have been, please give me your honest suggestions on Thanks in advance!!


  1. Hey Patricia,
    That was great.. very informative... have been wanting to go to bandhavgarh for ages, but it hasnt yet worked out.... whenever i do go, all your info will be useful

  2. Hmm good one will give it a thought...I have never been to such places....

  3. No, I have never been. What a find, for you to stumble upon such a unique place. I for one didn’t know this place existed. The accommodation looks glorious. I can imagine retiring here after a day of exploring, curled up on the lounge reading The Jungle Book to set the mood.

    Ps: I love traveling and would love to see more of the world in the future when my children are a little older.

  4. I have plans to go to Bandhavgarh too.. but before that I better get a DSLR and a good lens!!

  5. no i havent been here..but heard a lot from my friends who went there as part of their work at world wildlife fund india, i can certainly tell them to drop a mail to you!!!!

  6. You have been awarded. Check out my space for your award :-)

    Keep blogging.

  7. Have not been ,but feel like going on :)

  8. Wonderful post on a wonderful place:)

  9. Looks like an amazing place to vacation, I haven't been, but would love to:):)

  10. Yes I loooove Tigers and have been to Bandhavgarh. We were extremely lucky to have spotted a tigress and three cubs. Also another tigress in the same safari. True to spot a Tiger for sure, you have to be at Bandhavgarh. We stayed at the Tuli Tiger resort and believe me, it is a divine place to stay with great food too. And it is almost a kilometer drive from the gate to the national park.

  11. Bandhavgarh is very famous National park in India There are lots of nature lots of place for wander.
    Thank you,
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