Tuesday 27 January 2009

Candles.... light up my life !!

I have loads of candles around my house. I love lighting up my house with indirect lights like lamps and candles. I know of a lot of people who only buy candles because they match their curtains or couches and never light them…. Talk about not exploring your creativity !! Here are a few creative candle ideas… This one being the easiest... Fill any pretty glass bowl with stones, pebbles, bath salt or even sand. Then add a few tealights... and the mood is created!! Try Rangoli colours or coloured pebbles for more excitement ! This one I thought was the most creative!! Turn any vegetable into a candle holder... from eggplants to peppers. The more the colours... the more the glamour!
These are paper lamps ... that can be used anywhere around your house. In this picture.. the flickering of the candles will take you upstairs to your bed.. Designer - Heather Smith
I am sure we all have a bottle of herbs or of coloured pasta or even coloured lentils. Here Designer - Susan Kinney, has changed the outlook of the little bottle, by simply placing a candle in it.... Lets try this one!!
Lark publisher Carol Taylor dreamed of a collection of kitchen items filled with candles wax, so she created this and made her dream come true...
Tealights simply embedded in fresh apples to make this extremely cheerful centerpiece!

Some time next week, look out for more posts on candles!!


  1. Lovely post:-)

    I like the candles in the ladles:-)

    Thanks for dropping by at Rang Decor:-)


  2. Thank you Arch for visiting my blog and for your comments. Thanks!

  3. Nice post, even the most expensive chandelier fails to match up to the warmth of a candle. Gr8 ideas!

  4. Thank you Rekha for visiting my blog. You are absolutely right about candles... they change the mood and ambiance immediately! Thanks!

  5. The apple tealights is an awesome idea especially during the Holiday season. I also like the paper lamps, feels like I am in a middle east castle.


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