Tuesday 13 January 2009


Calling all you talented people out there!

  • Are you a budding artist; just discovering your true hidden talents?
  • An established, or in the making designer; working on your dream project?
  • A store owner, architect or interior decorator with a difference?
  • An accomplished photographer or a shutterbug amateur?
    An awesome DIY-er?
  • A blogger, passionate thinker, creative writer?

If you’re any of the above, then this is a shout out, ESPECIALLY to you!!

I would be honored to provide you with my blog, Colours Dekor, as a platform to showcase your talent and work, to the eagerly awaiting world.

You’d be surprised at how many people share your views, or would be more than interested to hear about that special thing you do.

Write to me at coloursdekor@gmail.com and we’ll get started right away.

Alternatively, let me know if you’d like to contribute towards Colours Dekor Monthly Editorials – Here are the monthly topics –

My Home, My Magic- Home Tour
(show case your home here...)

Co-blogger find of the month!
(if I haven't found you yet, write to me &
I'll feature you for sure!)

So this is your chance to put yourselves on the worlds stage, small as it may seem. You never know who might spot your special talent.

And hey, be sure to remember me, when you’re rich and famous! *winks*

Don't forget to grab your ... 'featured on colours dekor button'

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