Wednesday 21 January 2009

Doors & Windows - opening to life & colours

Doors intrigue me ! So let me start with the door to humble living !! The majestic and beautiful doors leave me captivated. I stand there thinking… how much have they seen in all their life? How many people have entered through them…
My mind continues to wander away… thinking.. what must be in there!!! What kind of people… what type of furniture… what laughter?? What sorrow?? What are these doors made up of? What colours lie inside? The door to the old palace, Built not knowing caste or race. Standing tall since long long ago While the love & laughter inside them grow. Life indeed is a series of doors That you have to open to reach your souls core. To see the goals of your life… You need to open that door and strive.
Climbing the stairs to the door of love.. ...
What can you see from up here??
Open the windows and let the air come in... On a moonlit night... it must be like heaven to stand here!!
Look at this artistic door. Do we even know the creator??
I want to stand here... and look at the town around !
This one is my favourite!! I can be sitting here all day and sipping my cup of tea.... 'only if'


  1. Hey Patty!
    I like what you have started in this blog.
    My first comment...or advise will be about your photos ( I s all about photography for me!:)
    Just want to tell you to watch when you clic a photo to make sure the horizon line is strait.
    When you have furniture, use the lines to get tehm parallel to the edge of the photo.

  2. Oh.. God.. Ems.. Its always about photographs.. isnt it!!! I have a long way to go where photos are concerned. I'll call you and then you can explain this horizon top to me!!! I'll try my best to get everything straight... I am waiting for more tips!! Thanks!

  3. Very ornamental design. I liked the way they have captured the photo of the second door.

  4. wow fantastic design all these pictures are looking so good, thanks for sharing with us valuable post, great job.


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