Friday 23 January 2009

Elephants - Not mans best friend.... but mine for sure!!!

Glorious Elephants First of all I want to feature this Rajasthani wall!! I am so impressed by the artists. I love elephants and am very fascinated with this majestic and royal animal. Its grandeur brings it so close to my heart. How majesty resplendent with a huge body but an innocent and lovable look. Life comes in all sizes, the big ones obviously look more glorious and glamourous. Here is a peek into my home!! Elephants... sure stand tall & strong as my best friend. My cup of tea also has my favourite animal on it... My love undying!! Can you see the regal splendour? These are my costers. I picked this up from Marble Rocks in Jabalpur!! This coaster is from my Bangalore trip! I will have a seperate blog on coasters as well...
These Elephants are at the entrace of my house. They walk in the same direction as I do... when I walk into my home..
This elephant was a gift from Ramya from her Srilanka trip... standing gloriously on my bathroom shelf.
I fell in love with these the minute I saw them... The very second day, my younger daughter- Yvonne broke one of them. Thank God for super glue. Can you tell?? These stand beautifully on my center table.
This incence holder is from my trip to Elephanta Caves in Mumbai. Isn't this lovely?
This was a gift from my close friend Karishma, from her Bangkok trip. I treasure and value each elephant...
The below bed spread is a Christmas gift from Rose, all the way from Goa !
The one below stands tall on my so called dressing table, with the treasure box filled with my jewellery. This one is a gift from my brother, Arafat.
These are on my magnet board.... fridge Magnest from Cape Town (gift from my friend, Sonja) and one from Kenya (from my trip)!
This lovely oil burner stands on my dining table... and spreads the smell all over the house!!
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  1. Wow! I never realised just how many elephants you have around the house!! The photos are very pretty Pesha!:)

  2. Those are a lot of elephants and each one is wonderful!

  3. Thanks Aditi. I love Elephants (I really dont have to explain isnt it??!!)

  4. Pat, I love your elephants! Can't wait to see the other corners of your home:)


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