Thursday 14 January 2010

Lets Go Green!

I'm sharing Simone's Go Green article.... Simple tips to Go Green ...
  1. Do not use plastic bags. Use reusable jute or cloth tote bags, that can be reused. Plastic bags cannot be reclycled.
  2. Don't waste paper - try and use both sides. Once used, always recycle paper.
  3. Turn the water off when you brush. There is no need to waste water.
  4. Turn off the lights, TV & Computer when not in use. Do not waste electricity.
  5. Give unwanted toys, books, cds & clothes away to charity or someone else who will use them.

Plant a tree...

& make the Earth smile..


  1. So true.. switch off lights and go to sleep early :D

  2. If we all did a little bit our world would be so much different...

  3. Thats so true! And I am a gr8 believer of the cause as well.

    Good that you posted this article.

  4. May be we cud also use the stairs for lift when not in a hurry.

  5. I love little reminders to go green. Really it's so easy to do if I can just remember. Plus, totes are so cute compared to plastic bags. Lots of going green tips are actually beneficial. Like using energy efficient light bulbs, in the long run they save you money.


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