Sunday 31 January 2010

My cup of joy...

It was a school / college girl feeling... We bunked classes, only to gossip & dip our hands into paint!!

Have you been to Cafe Ceramique.... I love cafes... but this one is special!!

You walk in... and choose what you'd like to paint!! Let your creative mind get to work... Then ask for the paints that you will use...

In the meanwhile.... order your coffee... and start gossiping as well!!

I love this place... the decor is just right... Can you spot the long vase with paint brushes in them??

The lovely wrought iron chairs, wooden ceiling... and lots of ceramics around you.... set you in the right mood!!

A closer look at the floor...

The food is great as well....

You can paint... anything you want.... I painted my cup of joy..... for a special someone - who fills my life with joy!!

My cup of treasured memories...


  1. Patricia, I love your Cup of Life!

    The concept at CaféCéramique is so unique. Pity we don't have one this side of the world.

    I'll love it though if you can post a tutorial to do such works of art. I do dabble in paint myself, but haven't been able to do ceramics. I specially like the way you have painted text on your tumbler. How did you make those horizontal "S"es on in red and green?

    Will be happy to learn.


  2. what a lovely cafe!! wish we had something like this in india :)
    n i loveeeeeeee ur new blog template.

  3. Hey Pat,

    The Shop is cool for acup of coffee and nicely taken pics

  4. Wowww so cool!I would love to go to such a cafe!must look up in Melbourne.
    Beautiful blog you have here :)

  5. A cool place to have something hot :) great post pat..

  6. Lovely pics...i love the interiors...n your mug is beautiful.

    Mindful Meanderer : This one is for you, we do have cafes like this in India! At least Delhi, Gurgaon and Mumbai do have if you happen to be at any of these places...i could give u directions to reach ;)

  7. hey pat,
    this truly reminded me of my college days too !!!!loved the cool decor...

  8. Lovely concept! We have places where you can go and paint, but there's no coffee and starters and dips there:)...your cafe ceramique is sooo much cooler! And hey your coffee mug looks really cool, very throughtfully done! Thanks for sharing:)


  9. Cool cafe..and ur mug is lovely!!

    Nice new theme ...but I so miss ur old header :)

  10. lovely pictures:)

  11. Really cool place. We have something like that in Orlando. I 'll have to try it. Nice shots!


  12. Hey I had posted a comment which isn't visible here...

    Anyways, I had written that I've heard abt it and wud luv to visit it esp after after seeing it here. And thats a pretty cup u've made:)

  13. What a lovely place! And such a brilliant idea. Where is it?

  14. I've been wanting to do this for a long time...each time I walk by, I look in longingly!

    Love the cup you painted...what a lovely design.

  15. I've been wanting to do this for a long time...each time I walk by, I look in longingly!

    Love the cup you painted...what a lovely design.


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