Sunday 10 January 2010

Wedding Invitation

Oh... I love weddings...
We are invited to a wedding in February...
The invitation is just sooooo cute...
that I had to instantly share it with you..
The complete invitation... the pattern & print...
all the contents of the invitation...
For the men:
Tuxedo is a must!
Think Bond, James Bond!
For the Ladies:
Cocktail or Long dresses.
Get dolled up,
You know you want to - xoxo
There were tissues... that read -
Here's to wipe those
Tears of Joy away
Here's how to get to the Wedding...
And finally a framed photo of the couple...
with a note...
Here's something to Remeber us by!!


  1. Beautiful! :)
    What planning must have gone into it.. love all the details!!

  2. Very nice! I wish I hadn't gotten married earlier ;)

  3. what a wonderful invite! if the invite only looks so good! imgaine the wedding! simply elegant!


  4. what a cute pl share wedding venue pics with us...ofcourse if the couple doesn't mind...i can't even begin to imagine what the wedding would be like:)

  5. What a pretty card! And so creative too!

  6. Awsome!!! Love the print and everything tht goes with it.
    Bless the couple:)

  7. That really is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen


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