Friday 8 January 2010

Paint leftover

There was a little paint left from my wall... I sure could do with a display table... so painted a pallette... and this is how it looked.. My prices possession... sits proudly...
At times it also serves as a punishment corner...
I love decorating corner spaces... and constantly changing the way it looks.. Hence painting pallettes.. and getting rid of them at a later date... doesn't cost anything...
Do you have cheap decor ideas? Share them with me please...


  1. VanGogh Yellow!!
    This is giving a bright and striking look to the corner...totally awesome!! I like the iron too..Priceless!!
    just superrr...

  2. thats so cute looking...more than trash to treasure!!

  3. love the paint colors, the pallettes look great. and that antique iron is a treasure! happy weekend

  4. the idea...ur corner looks really pretty n whimsical

  5. hi patricia...have checked your blog after a very long time...hope you remember me...

    the corner looks strikingly colorful and i love the iron too...

    after a long time I have written a blog and that too in much hurry...hope to keep checking regularly henceforth...

  6. I love the colours, so cheerful and what a fab idea!

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