Sunday 25 April 2010

Are you coming home??

Welcome to my new home.... I've just managed to find a cabinet space for nearly everything... Which means... all my stuff now has a home.. and I can start concentrating on the individual rooms... The minute I open the door... this is what you can see!!! Atleast the elephants have found their permanent place...
My dolls... hanging on my swing... and overlooking the rest of the house!!
Sofas only arrive sometime this week.... till then this is our makeshift seating..
For now... I've placed my swing here... coz I just couldnt find a better place... But inturn lost my creative space under the stair case...
Huummm... I dont know what to do right now!! Do you have any ideas for under the stairs?? Share them with me on


  1. we too are in the process of buying a new house which has the space under the stairs.. as of now, i am planning to make huge vertical drawers under it, which can accomodate the huge number of papers and mags we get.... i u get any better ideas, pls put it up so i can use it too :)

  2. Looks nice :)
    The fabulous fiery peacock wall art in your other home was so very beautiful. I would suggest one more of your lovely wall art with a reading nook below it for the under staircase space.

  3. Hi, my first time here!

    Your home looks lovely! Love the splash of colours in there!

    You could make the space under the staircase an additional seating space maybe, add a diwan under the higher space and under the lower space a table, or a magazine rack with a lamp.. give it kind of a loungy feel :)

    Happy decorating!

  4. Hi, Patricia, I have put up something on my blog just for you and Sharon, since you two have shifted base. Your house looks so pretty already, do put up the book shelf once you've finalised it.Maybe a little bench with mini accent pillows and a stack of magazines under the staircase.... enjoy the process!!

  5. new home looks lovely....still needs pat's personal touch!!!!:-) happy decorating!


  6. What a gorgeous space..have fun creating your magic. Looking forward to more pictures.

  7. Hi Patricia,
    congrats dear for the new abode.It must be the exciting phase in your life when you want to give the best to your new home.Enjoy the process.
    For the space under the stairs may be you can create a cozy reading space with a built in bookcase below the stairs,may be an easy chair or so with perfect lighting and a music system to compliment can be ideal!

  8. Lovely home you have.. and with your touch.. it will be gorgeous.. i'm sure :)


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