Wednesday 28 April 2010

Staircase inspirations...

The best thing about blogger is sharing ideas and inspirations.. This one is my favourite.. I'd love to have a seating / reading corner like this...
These images were googled to me by Kanika.... What an inspiration!
Only problem is ... my staircase space isnt really this big. You cannot walk into it.. or sit below it.
Aisha (my friend) sent me the below two images.. I like the idea of storage.. Part of me is thinking maybe I can make it a wine rack or a bar counter??
The bookshelf idea.... is lovely!! This was what I had in mind first... But the area is rather wide... So putting a bookshelf means I will loose the space behind it...
And.. I dont want to loose any space.. so for now.. I'm dreaming of a fountain, a few plants.... a buddha... a few cushions... All this.. with my swing in the front?? Not so sure!!! But it my head it seems ok... I'm still hunting for ideas... as this space is not on my priority list as yet!! If you have any ideas... do share them with me.. Post a comment or email


  1. I loveee the last pic :)
    The lights under the staircase with a few books thrown around makes 1 cozy corner :)

  2. The drawer was the one i had in mind when i wrote to you....but i love the bookshelves... but since the place under the stairs is quite wide, i would lose some space...but this is one post i am bookmarking for the time my house is finally ready!

  3. How about converting the space into a little art & craft corner...since you & your talented girls are always in the middle of creating something pretty!

  4. Very nice ideas. How about getting a few wooden cubes in different sizes that you can arrange to fit the space. Need to find a picture for you and send it. Then you can arrange them anyway you like with curios, books etc.

  5. Wonderful ideas... I love the pull out rack idea. Wish I'd seen this before we built ours...

  6. Patricia, remember the cart we have talked about so often? Wouldnt it perfectly fit into the nook? Make it your bar. The staircase slope is perfect to deco up your bar - hand all the paraphernalia, a lamp or two, etc. Line the wall with wine bottle holders, or bar glass diplays...the swing can be moved a little away parallel to its existing that the bar is in full view, yet you can still enjoy a good swing..
    i loved all these pics u shared, espcially the book storage one, which will also look good, and oh so cosy with the swing in front of it:)

  7. Wow..loved all the ideas..fave ones are the cozy reading corner and the book storage (last pic). Thanks for sharing :)

  8. There are a lot of Vaastu Dos and Don'ts about using spaces below staircases. I don't know if you believe in Vastu, but this one thing I'm kind of careful about.


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