Thursday 1 April 2010

Easter weekend..

A duck or a goose egg provides the basis of this work of art in miniature. The process involves emptying the egg's contents through a small incision after which it is painted in several stages. Firstly various shapes are drawn on, then it is covered with wax, and finally paint is applied in successively lighter colours as areas of wax are pealed away layer by layer. Red is the symbol of love & joy. The straight lines symbolize eternity... Thus each egg can be read as a story and its message and design are unique!! This is my priced possession from Romania... Hope you all are ready for the Easter weekend..


  1. I kept thinking about this egg after seeing your previous post. Thanks for sharing more details... Wonderful, the unique message and effort applied to painting it.

  2. Patricia, such beautiful treasures. I love your images!

    Art by Karena

  3. beautiful pat,u enjoy each day yeah,any festival.i am so happy to see ur enthusiasm.


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