Wednesday 14 April 2010

a bedroom....

Hello Everyone!! How are you all doing?? I missed you guys... I missed blogging as well.... (strange - but true!!).. We've moved to our new house and are settling in.... one box at a time.... :-) All I need today... is a bedroom that looks like this... I've featured the living room of this home earlier....
Love the parquet flooring... and the colours just blend in so beautifully!! The lights simply creating the right mood for this bedroom...
Vistaar Associates does a fabulous job.... isn't it??
So tell me .... where have you all been?? What have you been doing??


  1. its really beautiful, Pat...meanwhile, check out my blog... theres an award for you there...

  2. beautifully done...wonderful progress!! :)...looking forward to see the entire house...will you do up a wall like the last time?

  3. Lovely... is this ur new home???
    I love the brown and orange tones..

  4. Wow, moved in already! How exciting.

  5. wow ... so very lovely makes this place look so cozy and warm :)

  6. Unpacking can be quite a task! All the best! I can imagine with so much work you must be really wanting to sleep in a bedroom like this!


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