Sunday 6 November 2011

Getaway from Dubai…

A relaxing weekend in Ras Al Khaimah is a great getaway from Dubai for a day or two… The Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah has an impressive archaeological heritage and a very rich history. RAK has four types of landscapes… which enhance its beauty - the fertile plains, the mountainous region, coastal areas and the desert environment.

The perfect way to unwind is to spend a night at the Al Hamra Fort. Located on the most romantic sunset points along its stunning beaches and crowned by a natural lagoon… makes Al Hamra Fort the perfect place to spend an evening or stay a few days.

On its own the Al Hamra Fort has an extensive stunning beach, two pools, a kids club, a few themed restaurants. The rooms are split into chalet style & traditional rooms.

The architecture is that of a glorious and victorious Arabian fort and the landscape inside transports you to an unheard of, fairytale like Arabian land.

The facilities at the hotel include a spa, night club, lobby bar, yacht club, etc. The Golf club, the golf academy & water sport are the hotels biggest attractions. So while you are here, you’ve got to try a round of golf…

Also in Ras Al Khaiamh are –

National Museum of RAK Tel 07 2333411 Formerly a fort and once residence of the Ruler of RAK, today converted into a museum, houses many ancient & fascinating archeological items. Located in the old part of RAK town, there is an extensive collection of items reflecting the daily lives of the people living in history.

Mussandam Peninsula If you are staying longer in RAK, a trip to Mussandam is well worth it. The ancient settlements, rock carvings, abandoned tombs are all an unexpected treat. Visit Khasab Fort, Khor Najd Beach or take a Dhow trip along the coast. You are almost guaranteed to see dolphin at any time. Don’t forget that Mussandam is a part of Oman, so take your passports along. Wadi Bih Wadi Bih is considered to be the ‘Grand Canyon’ on the UAE, offering some spectacular views of in the country. Starting from the clock roundabout in RAK, visitors can enjoy mountain biking, camping and just walking!! There are breathtaking deserted villages and more wadi areas here. The greenery is amazing and compliments the majestic views of the outdoors.

So if in Dubai, pack your bags and go to RAK for two nights for sure!! Don’t forget to play a round of golf!


  1. Even in summer days, the pictures give a cooling effect. Next time when I am in Dubai, I'll try to go RAK. :)

  2. Patty, Just left your decorating site to visit your travel site! This is just up my alley! Do you live in Dubai? Thanks for sharing your incredible photography!

  3. Looks beautiful and refreshing! Although I'd love to get TO Dubai. We have some family there, gotta get there some day.

  4. When I visited Dubai, i missed the chance of visiting here.
    After that all friends told I really missed it.
    O.K. Your photos somehow compensate.
    Thanks for the post.

  5. To somebody new to Dubai, thats a pretty great information... will keep this in mind for the next weekend get away :)

  6. Beautiful shots! Enjoy the Sunday!:)

  7. Sounds like a lovely place. I've been to RAK many, many times, but always for work and visa stuff, never for fun.

  8. The pictures are too good! Wish I could just hop on the next flight and see the place!

  9. Hi Patty...I am quite surprised to see a new RAK...some yrs back it was just a dry land with no much interesting landscapes except for vast areas of desert!!!!I had lived my precious childhood(almost 2 decades) in dat dry place.....*crying*


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