Monday 28 November 2011

The Weekly Story ~ wk 59

Hello my lovelies… Yes… I’m back!! And as usual, there is a heap (or maybe heaps)… of ‘things to do’.. I still haven’t started my Christmas shopping!! *sigh* 24 hours simply isn’t enough for me…

Now.. here are three projects that were assigned to be complete in November… and today, I think its not going to be done till New Year.. Well atleast there is hope!! That it will be complete in January… *smiles*..

My bedroom teal wall… is still incomplete… I was meant to paint a peacock feature in white, grey and orange… And then do up the room too… *smiles*.. This will be project 1 in January…

My parents room… is incomplete too… (oh.. I so don’t like the word incompete!)… I’m meant to be doing something to this olive green wall… What!! I still haven’t decided… So I guess… this will be project 2 in February…

This one in the living room is partially complete… and when I leave things half done.. I’m sooooooooooo not motivated to come back to them.. Do you feel that way?? This will either be completed in March… or will be revamped all together.. *grins*… with peacocks and paisleys.. and lotus’ and more…

In this pictures is my cousin from Canada... Im not sure he has painted anything before.. but was so motivated when he saw us... And my brother... who is Michael Angelo and Michael Jordan in the making... and my younger daughter.. another wanna be artist... *smiles*

So party with me... this week @ 'The Weekly Story' ~ open from Monday through Wednesday every week..
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~ Patricia


  1. Oh I loved to see your whole family chipping it-- it must have been so much fun!

  2. wow! you are one creative, talented family! cheers!

  3. welcome back Patty!! and thanks for ur comments. :-) You know you are always welcome home.. :-)

  4. It's so brave to paint on your wall like that! Good luck with your bedroom wall and parents' bedroom wall projects! :-)

  5. What a great photo! The family working together is a beautiful sight! Thanks so much for hosting us each week!

  6. Eagerly waiting to see the teal colour wall painted ;)

  7. what a fun time and yes , you are far better then me. when I start a new project , half way of that I start thinking of new one , get distracted have many incomplete room/things:)

  8. Loved it all!:)
    Been off the blog world for sometime and came bk here after doing a weekend post :) See that it has changed to Weekly story now! Loved the idea and hope I will be able to post something suitable soon :)

  9. Waiting for the peacock to come to your bedroom.

  10. Hmmm... So many wall projects. I can't even imagine such things :-). Good luck Patty and you have so many things to look forward to in the coming year.

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  12. All artists in the making!What fun you must have! Will come by with some blog creative juices needs a giant PUSH!

  13. Looks like you have a bunch of artists in the family. I would love to see what that finished wall.

  14. Looks great...

    Patricia, which colors you use for painting on walls? and once painting is done, do you apply anything to preserve it or leave it as it is?

  15. Wow ! The table scape looks so beautiful and romantic... !!!

  16. Waiting to see the completed projects... Both the teal color wall and your parents room look gorgeous ... !! Good to have you back ;-) ;-)

  17. Ooooh! Cant wait for the new wall art!

  18. hmmmm, that peacock project sounds like a dream! Can't wait to see it in its final glory!


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