Wednesday 2 November 2011

Sparkles ~ Rama

Rama, needs no introduction to anyone who is regular at Colours Dekor. She blogs at 'Time, time, I have all the time...' and has shared pictures of her home, and her garden in earlier posts. I totally love her home.. and am sure you will too... 

Today, Rama, invites us home for Diwali ...

With flowers, diya, candles, rangolis, urlis, and prettiness everywhere... I am simply spell bound!!

I've save this as my favourite.. and will surely be trying out some of this next year..

Totally fell in love with this simple arrangement... *sigh*

Thank you Rama, for the awesome inspiration... We've got a lot to learn from you... *smiles*..

If you'd like to share your Diwali or Halloween pictures, email me at or simply email to say 'hello'... *smiles*

Hope you are joining the party too...


  1. Just the other day, I got to enjoy her home, food and hospitality..warm and loving!

  2. excellent images.i totally love each of them.will try them next time.i think i need to save them too in my memory.can i pat?

  3. You have awesome imagination, Rama. It was a treat to watch the spaces decorated so vibrantly.

  4. Beautiful! Have a great day!:)

  5. Just gorgeous, Rama. Thanks Patty for making Deepavali come alive again by looking at these pictures.


  6. Very creative and lovely to look at. What a great imagination you have.

  7. Thanks everybody for your lovely comments. Thank you sweet Patricia, for always being there for friends.

  8. These are amazing! The theme expresses class and elegance!

  9. Wow Rama, your home looks Amazing really! What a bundle of ideas you've worked out for Diwali, and loved the pictures!


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