Friday 4 November 2011

Sparkles ~ Sanchari

.. And another post... about the festival of lights.. There is something special and magical about these lights.. and on Diwali day... just about everything magical transforms into sparkle...

Joining our sparkles today, with lovely picture of Diwali is Sanchari.... I love this star...

I love this idea of diyas on a plate...

This one is my favourite and save to copy for next year...

Another awesome idea.. with petals.. soooooooooooooo gorgeous!!

I love ... love the sparkles in each pictures... Can you feel the warmth in her Diwali??

Do let Sanchari know.. how you enjoyed this... and if do check out all the posts at 'Spooks & Sparkles' 


  1. Sanchari, I too have the colored goblets, but the shade i love the most - in Pink broke :(

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  3. Lovely diyas and sparkles.I too am going too copy the diya with petals and aabir around it :)looks so lovely.

  4. I loved all the images....... Diyas with petals is my fav one, it is absolutely beautiful.

  5. Can feel the magic in each pic :)

  6. Sorry for the late reply..was travelling.
    Patty, Thank you for such a beautiful post...:)

    A BIG Thank you to all the readers of Colours Dekor...Thank you so much for your kind words. It's very encouraging :)



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