Thursday 10 June 2010

Co-blogger find (June 10)

Hope you enjoy seeing new blogs… as much as I enjoy featuring them and introducing them…!! This month I’m featuring four more blogs that I stumbled upon…. This is my attempt to share more than just home décor… blogs that have so much more to offer and such abundant talent…. Bookend Diaries is a book blog sharing reviews of existing and new books, and discussions with readers … It’s a book worms corner. An Amazing Photo Blog…
Tara Dillard’s marvellous blog on landscape design and home & garden décor. A whole new perspective to home interiors.
Turmeric & Spice is an awesome blog of photos, recipes and snippets from everyday life… Email me on if you come across an amazing blog .... Go on now.. and check out these blogs ... and inspire them!!


  1. We at makes your search for new blogs easy. Just browse around and you are sure to find more interesting blogs.

  2. Thanks for sharing, I am blog-hopping now! - rekha

  3. Dear Patricia,
    First let me thankyou for featuring my blog...very kind of you.
    I did leave a comment when I first saw it, but think somehow it didn't make to u...unpredictable virtual world u c.
    Hv been a fan of tis page since sumtime...u inspire to bring back my love for creativity...nevertheless I regularly use it in my cooking tho.
    M also in luv wit ur peacock wall...abstly amazing.
    Btw a cook n a food blogger fm down under.


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