Saturday 19 June 2010

I'm missing...

I miss being organised.. and doing pretty stuff… I haven’t touched a paint brush for nearly a year now (thank you Rose for bringing that to my notice!)… And since we’ve moved to our new place.. I have not even had the time to set it up… let along beautify, arrange and rearrange… This is what I miss most about my old house…. My peacock wall… and just the random prettiness… The ability to change the curtains a million times.. (at least 4 times a year)… match everything… and randomly revamp… and aimlessly showing creativity at my centre table… I have a chest of treasures that replaces the beautiful stuff around my house… giving it a new feeling and thoroughly satisfying my dekor itch…
Do you have the dekor itch sometimes??? Tell me what you do??


  1. Nice post! I like your center table.

    So, in answer to your question- I started visiting blogs when the decor itch hit me. and then I started my own blog because the inspiration was overflowing. and now I'm slowly putting the momentum to good use, with good ol' fashioned sweat and jugaad. :)

    Hope to have some results to share with all you fantastic, inspiring folks soon.

  2. I liked the cot/sofa in the first picture which is not in focus.. the white sheet and the colorful cushions :D Whenever I get decor itch.. I just take paint and brush and switch on music. The results are always good :) U can try it!

  3. Love ur centre table. I miss your peacock wall art too. Hope u get to do something similar here as well.
    I get really inspired by ur blog. whenever I am at a loss for some decor idea I blog hop. U shud start painting again. major major booster.

  4. Lovely post.....bring your creativity to actions.....would love to see that....

  5. Just loved this post...specially the first pic !!


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