Tuesday 1 June 2010

Peep into Apt. 408

Featuring Apartment 408 ….. Pree’s apartment!!! as my home tour for the month of June. Home tour to follow in the next few posts.... this is just a sneak peak... *wink*
Eye candy?? Isn’t it?? Don’t you just love them all??
So what do these pics tell you about Pree? Is she an artist at heart?? a photographer?? an entertainer?? a colourful personality??
Don’t you simply love the lights in these photographs??
Don’t you love the art work everywhere??
The Indian feel to this home is simply admirable…
So tell me…. What do you like about her home???
Bet... you cant wait to see more pics of her home??? just like me!!


  1. Gorgeous home Pat!! Would love to see more..

  2. Lovely home, very eye candy!!
    Gr8 find indeed.

  3. Eye candy indeed! Will wait for more :)

  4. Very true... I have been following her blog for sometime now and her work is truly amazing...

  5. wow!! lots of serenity and colours...waiting for more to come :)

  6. beautiful home :) I love the buddha feel she has given to her place like a buddha lounge :)

  7. even i love her spaces,love the light.

  8. Love the colors in this home - very fiery and energetic!


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